Fountain author Trevor publishes his fifth book

Fountain native and author Trevor Temple has published his fifth book, The Fountain: Heartbeat of the City.

Tuesday, 30th December 2014, 4:00 pm
Trevor Temple with his book 'The Fountain: Heartbeat of the City.

He began writing and researching the book three years ago after being approached by Holywell Trust while working with the Diverse City Project: “I was asked by Eamonn Deane the director of Holywell Trust and Mark Lusby and I started researching through the Bob Harte Memorial Trust here in The Fountain, where they have a lot of original material and documents, books and records. So I started going through all that stuff and started to create a data base of individuals from the Fountain who were named and tried to discover as much information as possible on each of them.”

His research included the 1901 Census and his work revealed that there were a diverse range of people from differing religious backgrounds living in The Fountain, including Catholic families and members of the Jewish community.

Divided into easy to read segments, the book examines place names, streets and buildings long since demolished.