Young farmer Cahir is a chip off the old block

Ten-year-old Cahir McGilligan is UTV farming programme Rare Breed's biggest fan - and now he is the new star of the show.

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:32 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:35 pm

All the Dungiven young farmer wanted for Christmas last year was to be featured on the show and now his dream has come true in the new series of the farming show which starts this month.

Chair has been working alongside his father Sean and his grandad Harry on the family farm on the Foreglen Road just outside Dungiven since he was old enough to walk.

He is a regular fixture at local farming shows and has his own stock of sheep, calves, heifers and dogs.

Proud aunt Angela McGilligan says that for all his life Cahir has been fascinated by what goes on on the family farm.

“Ever since he was able to walk he has been involved helping out his dad and grandad Harry,” she says.

“He’s always been fascinated by life on the farm and anything to do with the livestock.

“He’s proved himself to be a great worker and he certainly doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. He just loves the way of life around the farm and when he is older he wants to be a vet.”

The first episode of the new series of Rare Breed is being screened on UTV on Thursday, January 17 and Cahir makes his first appearance on the show at the start of February.

Ten-year-old Cahir McGilligan from Foreglen Road, Dungiven is participating in this years programme of UTV Rare Breed.

The first episode is being screened on Thursday 17th January and the series will be screened throughout the year. Cahir makes his debut appearance start of February. Filming took place last year throughout the year.

Cahir has been farming with his father and grandad since he literally has been able to walk... Cahir has his own stock of sheep, calves, heifers and dogs. Cahir has also attended local farming shows and has been successful in winning classes with his show of lambs. Cahir at the age of 10 is well known in the farming community and throughout livestock markets so no doubt he will have many farming years ahead of him.

Cahir is pictured with his Grandad Harry. Cahir is the fourth generation of the McGilligans on the farm at Oville.