Grass cutting reveals epidemic of littering throughout council area

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Ulster Unionist Councillor, Derek Hussey, has reflected on the dismay being expressed by many in our community at the disgraceful littering occurring along so many of our roads.

Alderman Hussey who represents the Derg Electoral Area of Derry City and Strabane District Council said: “We are now at that time of year when many of our roadside verges are getting their first cut of grass this year and this is to be welcomed, but what is not to be welcomed is the build-up of litter that has been revealed having previously been ‘hidden’ in the longer grass!

“It is an absolute disgrace to see the amount of litter that has been revealed having been thrown out by those who ‘do not give a damn’ along the roadsides leading out of and into our towns and villages.

“It was not council that caused this problem but I have asked council officers to arrange Litter Picks along these impacted routes.

“It must not be forgotten that this will impact on the Rates that we all pay! To those who dump remember that it is your friends and neighbours who pay to clean up your mess!”

The outgoing Ulster Unionist Deputy Mayor concluded by adding: “I would urge anyone seeing such littering to immediately contact Council (028 71 253 253) or their local councillor and report those doing the dumping.

“There is a simple solution - put your litter in a bin or take it home! We live in a beautiful area so let’s keep it that way.”