Dangerous potholes: Painting out graffiti takes thousands from roads budget

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The main Limavady to Coleraine road is in desperate need of repair after the harsh winter.

East Londonderry DUP Assembly member George Robinson has written to Transport NI regarding the deteriorating condition of the A37 carriageway.

“Over the winter months I have witnessed how the road surface has become increasingly potholed on this very busy route between Coleraine and Londonderry,” he said.

“The section from the end of the dual carriageway on the Coleraine side of the mountain to the beginning of the recently resurfaced section on the Limavady side of the Broad Road has rapidly deteriorated.

“I have written to Transport NI requesting what plans they have to tackle this problem with a complete resurfacing programme due to the deteriorating carriageway. I have witnessed drivers swerving to avoid potholes - a manoeuvre which is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs – but does highlight the concern drivers have at the condition of the road surface.

“As this is an arterial route to Londonderry from Coleraine, Portstewart and Portrush for commercial, commuter, visitor and indeed ambulance traffic I believe there is an urgency in resurfacing this particular section of road. There is a pipe-laying scheme underway at present along this section and a full reinstatement of hard and carriageway is now an imperative.”

SDLP East Londonderry Assembly member John Dallat has warned that limited government money will not be available to fix potholes if it needs to be diverted to tackle sectarian graffiti, which has once again appeared on the Seacoast Roundabout on the same A37 road.

He said that the roundabout cannot be allowed to become a “monument to sectarianism.”

He said: “I have again written to the Roads Division and understand they could do without the extra work involved in restoring this roundabout at a time when they are finding it difficult to fill the potholes.”

“The Lisnakelly Roundabout on the Limavady bypass is of sizeable dimensions and it is difficult to see how so much painting could be carried out without someone spotting the culprits and notifying the PSNI. This roundabout was painted in sectarian colours last year and remained a testimony to division until very late in the year when it was restored to its original black and white at considerable cost.

“This important piece of road management infrastructure must not become a seasonal monument to sectarianism and division in an area where the people have done so much to build bridges to create a new future presenting Limavady in a positive image. This roundabout is the gateway to the Causeway Coast which is so important to the tourist industry.

“Those involved in this wasteful practice clearly have no real vision for a future where people must work together for the common good of everyone.”