‘Sorcha’s Story’ to be told at the Forum

Denise White of Something Special.
Denise White of Something Special.

‘Sorcha’s Story, the musical,’ which follows a young autistic woman’s struggle to overcome adversity, will be performed in the Millennium Forum on Thursday, June 30.

Written by Conor Doherty with music by Denis White, adapted by Syd Ralph, it’s billed as an awe-inspiring journey following Sorcha’s challenges and struggles through childhood to adulthood.

Her story is inspirational and shows how music and creativity has unlocked the door to a new and exciting life. Captivating, original and awe-inspiring, this is a must see.

‘Sorcha’s Story’ was produced by Something Special, the Eglinton-based charity, which educates young people and adults with learning disabilities through music.

This production was made possible by The Legacy Fund. The performance takes place tomorrow June 30 at 8pm.