Local Big Lunch events

Big Lunch organizers from all over Northern ireland got together in Co. Antrim to celebrate their Big Lunch plans.
Big Lunch organizers from all over Northern ireland got together in Co. Antrim to celebrate their Big Lunch plans.

Big Lunchers all across Northern Ireland are getting ready for this year’s Big Lunch day, on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18) and they are inviting people from every town city and rural area to join in the fun.

The Eden Project idea, funded by the National Lottery, encourages people across the UK to slow down once a year on Big Lunch Day to celebrate community by sharing food, fun and friendship with their neighbours. The idea has really caught on across Northern Ireland with Big Lunches being planned in every city and county.

Grainne McCloskey, the Big Lunch Northern Ireland manager said: “We are expecting this to be our most successful year so far. We are inviting people from every neighbourhood across Northern Ireland to get involved. Don’t let your area be left without a party on Big Lunch day! All it takes is for one or two people in an area to get the ball rolling and everyone brings something to the table.”

Margaret Cunningham from Derry is holding a Big Lunch at Farland Way on July 4. She said: “I get so excited in the month coming up to the Big Lunch and this year, even more so. We’re holding our Big Lunch at Farland Way on July 4. We’ll be having a Barn dance to tie in with the Country comes to City festival, and with American Independence day. The COSY club are all geared up and the local kids are going to be doing street dancing and irish dancing. I love the community involvement in Big Lunches - it is great for breaking down barriers between people who wouldn’t normally mix.”

Meanwhile Ursula Gallagher from Strabane is also hosting a Big Lunch, she added: “Strabane Community Project (SCP) will be celebrating its 30th year anniversary in September so we will be hosting our Big Lunch to coincide with this anniversary date - celebrating the last 30 years of delivering vital services within our community and sharing the vision for the future - it is very exciting times for SCP as we are also moving to new office premises in September which is funded by the “Big Lottery” under the Space and Place Programme which will also be the official opening at our “big lunch” celebrating old memories and making new memories with each other from all sectors of the community.

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