Half the man he used to be - and it’s all thanks to jiving says ‘Frosty’

Before and after pictures of Ruari
Before and after pictures of Ruari

Frostbit Boy Ruairi McSorley is urging people across Mid Ulster to join the “culchie revolution” after jiving helped “Fat Frosty” lose his “field of chins”.

Making the comparison with before and after photos, Ruairi said the transformation wasn’t because he has developed an interest in healthy eating, but because he had to “learn all that swanky s***e at the jiving”.

His culchie calculations - it's all there

His culchie calculations - it's all there

And he is encouraging those looking to shift a few chins to swap water diets and “killing yourself squeezing balls and lifting tonne weights” for “10 minutes hucklebucking in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening, and wetting a bag a shirts at the weekend”.

And after some calculations of his own, Ruairi reckons 78 per cent of the population of Ireland (north and south) is already ‘culchie’, adding that he’s open to ‘townie’ conversions to the country music scene.

“The whole country, culchie and townie, has been saying forget the gym, we’re going jiving the night now they see how Mr Frosty’s melted away,” he told the Mail.

“Everybody says to me, ‘You’ve lost tara weight’ but it was only when I put the two photos beside other it’d make your jaw drop, and no healthy eating or nothing, just jiving and line dancing the bit in and the bit out, genuinely.

“If nothing else I’ve put me tupence worth into the culchie revolution,” he added.

“The way I see it, there’s more of us than there is city slickers, I’ve the research done and Ireland is 78% culchie, so about time they started going along with our culture, so if I convert a few people to culchieism I’ll be content enough.”

A man on a mission, Frosty tells the Mail he has a few things up his very tartan sleeve to attract more converts to his great calling.

“But you’ll hear all about that very soon,” he said.

“Mr Frosty be making a big return before long!”