City gallery to have access to Tate collection

Tate Modern, London
Tate Modern, London

The Londonderry Centre For Contemporary Art (CCA) will now have access to the Tate’s national collection of art works having been chosen to join Plus Tate, the contemporary visual arts network, which is expanding by sixteen institutions across the UK.

Matt Packer, Director of CCA, commented: “We are delighted to have been selected to become part of the Plus Tate network on the basis CCA’s exhibitions and public programmes.

“CCA is a collaborative organisation at heart, and we welcome the opportunity to further connect Derry~Londonderry with other leading contemporary arts organisations across the UK.”

In 2010, Plus Tate was launched with the objective to share collections and expertise and build a network which would use Tate’s resources to strengthen the contemporary visual arts ecology in the UK.

Tate Director, Sir Nicholas Serota said: “Expanding the network will significantly change Plus Tate’s texture. These are all organisations that contribute to their local community but which have a national profile. The larger network will bring different kinds of experience into the pool and facilitate greater cooperation between partners.”

The original cohort of eighteen Plus Tate partners is visited by over 3.5 million people every year, employs over 500 full time staff and has an annual turnover of £34 million.

Research published in January, Plus Tate: Connecting Art to People and Places, revealed the significant regenerative and economic benefits of these organisations.

Plus Tate has attracted collaborative funding in recent years such as that from JP Morgan for a national Plus Tate Learning Programme and £5 million from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to create Circuit, a peer-led programme for young people.

The enlarged Plus Tate group will meet together for the first time in July 2015 to set the agenda for the next phase of development to 2020.