Jazz it up at the Playhouse Speakeasy

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It’s 10pm... A small hatch on a door slides open to greet a customer and the ‘heavy’ behind the door grunts: ‘Do you know the Password? Cos you ain’t gettin in kid unless you do...’

The customer is granted access and transported back to the House of Blues 1929.

A speakeasy like no other with a higher class clientele. Don’t tell noone neither, cos the Mayor drinks here. The Speakeasy can be converted from a casino to a Church meeting in seconds in the event of a raid and all clientele are schooled in the singing of Amazing Grace.

A smoking hot atmosphere, a bootleg bottle and the dulcet tones of resident Jazz Artist Ella Fitzgerald seduces all with songs from the era.

So come along and hang out in character, and hope there’s not a police raid on the hottest House of Blues in town.

The Jazz Festival Speakeasy at The Playhouse will run from Thursday, April 30, May to Sunday, May 3, with doors opening at 9.30pm.