Exhibition: Abstracts in Rust

Having only moved into his studio in Bishop Street last month, artist Carl Taylor has wasted no time in making the most of his new work space.

He has been working day and night to put the finishing touches to his first solo exhibition, entitled ‘Abstracts In Rust’, which will open this Friday, April 10, at the Playhouse, Artillery Street.

“Getting into a new studio has allowed me to get all my work out of storage and pick up where I left off last year,” said Carl.

“I feel like I have been working on this exhibition for an eternity, what with one thing and another. I am just so pleased to now be able to confirm an opening date and work with the venue to get things up and on show. It’s great to get the opportunity to exhibit in my home town, and I want to thank The Playhouse for allowing me to reschedule,” he said.

Carl’s exhibition, entitled ‘Abstracts In Rust’, comprises a series of mixed media compositions which explore the colours and textures of rusted and corroded metals.

“There is an irony in the fact that in the moment of decay and collapse there is also an explosion of beauty in the way that the rust changes the colours and contours of the very thing it is attacking to create something vivid and new. It’s this idea of seeing beauty as part of the process of decay that I was trying to capture and explore, both as a dynamic of colour and as an idea,” he said.

The exhibition ‘Abstracts In Rust’ can be seen at The Playhouse, from Friday 10th April until Friday, April 24.