Culture Night ‘Art Walk around the Cathedral Quarter

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One of the lasting legacies of the City of Culture 2013 has been the establishment of an artists’ community in the Cathedral Quarter of the city.

It started with the opening of the Pump Street Studios and Derry Print Workshop in what is now the Garden of Reflection, and in the last year has been augmented with the opening of the Bishop Street Studios above Henderson’s Music Shop.

Adding to this Bedlam and The Cowley Cooper Gallery have now moved to the corner of Bishop Street and London Street, and The Yellow Yard has opened up on Palace Street, bringing something of a ‘Camden Market’ vibe to the area.

This Friday night why not take a walk around this growing cultural quarter?

From 6pm, starting at the Pump Street Studios in the Garden of Reflection, off Pump Street, you can see the work of 4 resident artists and learn about the processes of fine art printing in the Derry Print Workshop.

Leave by the Pump Street exit and go round the corner to London Street to see local art displayed at The Cowley Cooper Gallery, here you will be able to walk through to Bedlam to see more local arts and crafts.

Next, cross Bishop Street and above Henderson’s Music Shop you will find the Bishop Street Studios; here you can meet the artists and tour their studios. Artist Aili Fu will also be bringing along her Chinese Harp, to perform impromptu musical interludes throughout the evening.

The Derry Print Workshop and Bishop Street Studios will be open from 6pm to 9pm.

Once you have finished at the studios, take the first right heading up Bishop Street into Society Street and cross the carpark to find the entrance to the Yellow Yard on Palace Street, opposite St Augustine’s Church. The Yellow Yard has the work of local artists Ben Allen and Katie Blue on display, and in addition they are planning a packed evening of events to keep you entertained throughout Culture Night.