2013: A LegenDerry Year - in pictures

Earlier today, Thursday, June 19, a pictorial record of the UK City of Culture was launched in the Cityside.

Containing over 1,000 images from the UK City of Culture events, beginning with the spectacular launch of 2013 on the banks of the River Foyle, to the last light church service on New Years’ Eve, the book is a definitive pictorial record of all the events, great and small, which put Londonderry on the map as the first ever UK city of culture.

A pictorial celebration of 2013.

A pictorial celebration of 2013.

Separated into month-by-month categories, it contains several hundred pages of glossy, full-colour images, dedicated to capturing the rich tapestry of cultural activity that took place in Londonderry last year.

Published by Guildhall Press, it is currently available in soft back version at £14.99, but a hard back version is being printed.

The launch featured addresses by the Mayor, Brenda Stephenson, who paid glowing tribute to the city’s many photographers who contributed to the book, as well as Bronagh Gallagher, the Patron of The Hive where some amazing audio and visual creativity takes place, who also performed at the launch.

Other speakers included the book’s editor, Garbhan Downey, who endorsed the Mayor’s tribute to the photography community, as well as offering the various votes of thanks to all involved in the book and it’s publication, not least Michael McGuinness, historian and broadcaster, who sadly died earlier this year, and in tribute to his contribution to the cultural life of the city, Mr Downey presented his family with the first hard back version of the book, which is also dedicated to the memory of Mr McGuinness.

Riveting: 2013 A LegenDerry Year.

Riveting: 2013 A LegenDerry Year.

Culture Company chair, Martin Melarkey (director of the Nerve Centre), also spoke, as did artist and teacher, Diane Greer, both of whom stressed the importance of culture and the cultural identity of Londonderry.

Music for the event was provided by the amazing ‘The Plantin, from Belmont School, and Ms Bronagh Gallagher.

The attached video gives a flavour of the launch. To read more get next week’s Londonderry Sentinel, on Wednesday, June 25.