Portrait of a Mother at St Augustine’s

Joe Mahon
Joe Mahon

The WOW festival will celebrate the role of mothers on December 10 with a special production ‘Portrait of a Mother’, which is being staged in St Augustine’s Church. Curtain up at 8pm.

It will be presented by five well-known sons who will evoke the uniqueness of these women they are each proud to call mother.

Joe Mahon, presenter, Lesser Spotted Ulster.''Photo Lorcan Doherty Photography

Joe Mahon, presenter, Lesser Spotted Ulster.''Photo Lorcan Doherty Photography

When asked to take part, ‘Lesser Spotted Ulster’ presenter and producer, Joe Mahon said: “I’m surprised no one thought of this before. It is such a rich vein waiting to be tapped. The joys, the sorrows, the good times, the hard times, the changing city and world she lived in. How much time did you say each of us has on the subject? I hope it’s enough to do her justice.

“I hope I can capture the essence of the woman,” said playwright Dave Duggan.

“My mother was a Waterford woman and that will be a nice contrast on the night, a different accent, a different perspective. I’ve chosen some special songs for pianist Ruth McGinley to play which always remind me of my mother.

Ruth McGinley’s role in ‘Portrait of a Mother’ is central to the evening, because she is the musical link creating the atmosphere as she brings to life the musical soundtrack to these five womens’ lives.

Journalist Norman Hamill is also delighted to be taking part: “Of course, I’m lacking in objectivity on this subject but I know my mother was a great character who made a remarkable impression on her many friends and acquaintances.”

“Ages and wages should never be discussed,” was an oft heard remark of retired teacher Jim Craig’s mother, Maisie.

“For years I was the only man in Derry older than his mother,” said Jim.

His friend and former colleague, Eamonn Deane, Director of Holywell Trust, said he thought that women of his mother’s generation are the unsung heroines of the island of Ireland.

“Bless this House was her song”, said Eamonn.

“St Augustine’s Church on the Walls is exactly the right venue for this event, particularly in the run up to Christmas,” said show producer, Anne Craig.

“With its unique atmosphere and candlelit interior, audiences love it.

“We have held WOW events in St Augustine’s Church before and this one has all the hallmarks of another memorable night,” she said.

Tickets for ‘Portrait of a Mother’ are £7 each and can be booked at The Millennium Forum Box Office or by telephoning 02871 264455.

The event is funded through the Arts Council Small Grants Programme through The National Lottery.