#LovetoPHOTO during the summer

#lovetoPHOTO The Moment  Photo: Keighley Clarke
#lovetoPHOTO The Moment Photo: Keighley Clarke

The Summer months bring us all out into the sun and gives us the perfect excuse to use our cameras and smartphones to capture all those special moments.

With this in mind, Voluntary Arts Ireland, based at the Verbal Arts Centre, have rolled out their lates #loveto project for the summer months, #lovetoPHOTO The Moment.

Everyone is invited to get involved in the art of photography; to discover a beautiful but hidden location, to record the first dance at a wedding, exam results, the spectacular dawn, your favourite holiday place or whatever moments of your life are truly worth keeping.

Digital photography and membership of camera clubs has been on an upward curve for the last few years and the technology in smartphones makes photography an everyday creative activity that everyone loves doing, the expert and the novice are all included.

The #Loveto campaign, powered by Voluntary Arts, is inviting everyone to take lots of photographs, post their moments using #lovetoPHOTO and share them with world.

For this initiative connections have been formed with the Northern Ireland Photographic Association, The Irish Photographic Federation, the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and BBC Get Creative.

Kevin Murphy, Chief Officer of Voluntary Arts Ireland, said:“We have seen a huge surge in popularity in photography in recent years – it’s a portable creative activity that is not only very skilful but helps us build creative memories. Capturing those moments that take your breath away has always been the joy of photography.”

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