Earl Bishop lecture planned

Friends of St Columb's Cathedral Lecture
Friends of St Columb's Cathedral Lecture

The Friends of St Columb’s Cathedral will hold their annual general meeting on Thursday, November, 5 at the Cathedral.

Immediately following the official business there will be a lecture given by Ken McCormack, also in the Cathedral.

The AGM begins at 7.45 pm.

Mr McCormack’s lecture will be on the topic of ‘The Earl Bishop Mystery’.

Particularly, he will be enquiring into the questions ‘how do we know anything about the Earl Bishop, Frederick Hervey? What evidence is there concerning his life and his fantastic travels?

It is the opinion of the author of the book ‘Mitred Earl’, Brian Fothergill, that no proper study can be carried out on Bishop Hervey without reference to William Childe-Pemberton’s major two-volume book ‘The Earl Bishop’.

Now, in the light of renewed interest in Frederick Hervey, Ken McCormack will give a talk on how Childe-Pemberton came to write his book.

It is a tale of surprises, disappointment and sadness with even a psychic happening thrown in; the author died before he could get his book published.

The lecture is open to not only The Friends of St Columb’s Cathedral, but also local historians or those interested in the built heritage of Londonderry and the wider north west area of the Province.

Those who would like to attend will be made welcome.