A treat for drama lovers

live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music
live music background''"Entertainment''Nights Out ''Concert''Music

Theatre lovers of all ages are being given the opportunity to practice their love of theatre this February at The Playhouse.

As February is the month to indulge in a little love, so if you love theatre then get involved in the new Open College Network course in Theatre Performance course.

The courses offers professionally-led practical experience in the art of theatre and performance.

Welcoming those of 16 and those in their 60’s alike, this course will reignite your interest in theatre towards a performance on stage at the Playhouse.

Edel Murphy at the Playhouse said: “The theatre course is accredited at Open College Network Level 2, an access level, for people interested in Theatre. We welcome those wanting to boost their cv with the accreditation from the Open College Network and people who love theatre for recreation.”

Taking the group through text, movement and voice practice over a 10-week programme will be Shauna Kelpie, who has international experience in theatre, this is an exceptional opportunity for budding dramatists.

Full cost is £60 and concession is £45.

To enrol contact Edel Murphy, Education Programming Coordinator, The Playhouse, 5-7 Artillery Street, telephone 02871 268027 or email edel@derryplayhouse.co.uk.