Dougherty says lack of players is big issue

Brian Dougherty. LS28-102KM
Brian Dougherty. LS28-102KM

Brian Dougherty has acknowledged it’s been an awful year for Creevedonnell, culminating in their relegation from the Championship to Qualifying One, and that a lack of players is a chronic problem for local clubs.

Speaking to Lawrence Moore of the North West Cricket Union, he said: “Obviously the club are disappointed that we have lost our senior status after 38 years (5 of which were spent in the top flight).

“It must be said from the outset that despite widespread perception the club isn’t solely dependent on my input. The irony is that structurally we are probably in a more strengthened position that at any time in our recent 60-year history.”

He went on to state: “Quite simply, our problem is lack of playing personnel. Given our geographical location and with virtually no housing catchment and our well documented battle with the elements, we have always found it difficult to attract new members. However I have never seen it as bad as this.

“I also know that this is a huge problem across cricketing and indeed all sporting circles. For years now it hasn’t been a case of new players coming through, rather that the same players are simply shuffling around other clubs. This in turn has created animosity between clubs and promoted a culture of self-interest.

“Lack of players is the single biggest fundamental issue that the NW and Cricket Ireland face. I have strong feelings on how this could be addressed but that is for another day.”

“There is a strong argument that you find your level and should be forced to play in the league you end up in at the end of the season. However these aren’t usual times.”