Carton’s Presidents Day at Redcastle

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Members are reminded that Mr Desy Carton invites Redcastle Members to take part in his Presidents Day this Sunday in Redcastle.

Members are asked to attend 20 minutes before tee time. Any changes contact Seamus McGeehan on 71351801.

Tee off times are as follows - 9am S Tinney, B Casey, W Watson and B Kane. 9.08am M Soal, H Clarke, J Weir and A O’Bryan. 9.16am T Brolly, P Canning, K Priestley and J Ramsey. 9.24am W McClelland, P McSheffrey, Jim McGrotty and K McClelland. 9.32am J Burns, M Harkin, John McGrotty and M Agnew. 9.40am S Hasson, G Dunlop, W Havlin and V Glenn. 9.48am T McCauley, Bo Kelly, D Toye and M Wilson. 9.56am; JA Doherty, D Tracey, DJ McLaughlin, K McLaughlin.

10.04am B Gibson, P McQuaid, M Havlin and J Murray. 10.12am B Harkin, D Carlin, R McClelland and D Moore. 10.20am P Burns, E Haughey and D McCartney. 10.28am A Riddle, P Murray, T Green and S McGeehan.

Meanwhile Gill Eakin continued her winning streak on Monday for the Redcastle Salver.