Bloody Sunday bullet on TV show

A rubber bullet fired during what became known as ‘Bloody Sunday’ has turned up in the hit US TV series Pawn Stars and was bought for $350.

Friday, 14th August 2015, 5:15 pm
The rubber bullet and CS gas cannister on US TV hit show Pawn Stars.

The show was aired on Saturday on the History Channel at 5pm.

During the show the seller, ‘Ed’, recounted how it was his uncle was, who was in fact given the bullet by a photographer who was there on the day, insists he receive $350 for the item.

The owner of Gold & Silver Pawn, Rick Harrison, offers $100 and then $200, but refuses to buy the item and walks off.

Rick and Corey Harrison with Ed, a customer wanting to sell a rubber bullet and CS gas cannister fired on Bloody Sunday.

However, his son, Corey is captivated by the two objects calls the seller back and buys at the full asking price, commenting that if he does not sell them, he will keep them for his private collection. The bullet is encased in a Perspex display box alongside the CS gas canister.

THe rubber bullet and CS gas cannister that appeared on Pawn Stars.