Two wins in a row for Prior

Priorians Heather Manning and Dungannon's Karen Elliott clash, during their game at St Columb's Park, on Saturday.
Priorians Heather Manning and Dungannon's Karen Elliott clash, during their game at St Columb's Park, on Saturday.

PRIORIANS First XI continued their winning run with a hard fought 2-1 victory over Dungannon Firsts, on Saturday.

This was the second time this season the sides had met and although at their first meeting Priorians left with a 1-0 victory, the home side were aware that Dungannon had a good winning record against them.

In the first 20 minutes of the game Prior were taking charge of the game, the passing was fluid and there was great communication between all players.

The defence calmly passed the ball around the back working it up with the midfield allowing the forwards to get some chances none of which were converted.

Priorians felt comfortable and relaxed so they continued to reload the ball in and out of the attacking circle until they got something from it, which was the first penalty corner of the game.

The ball was hit out by Kate Rough to the top of the circle to player of the match Claire Lightowlers who stuck the ball first time – a perfect strick gave the keeper no time to do anything as the ball passed between her feet and into the net giving the home side the first goal. In the second half the play seemed to slow down and Dungannon finding themselves with more room in the middle of the pitch and they were starting to put a bit of pressure on.

An injury occurred stopping time which seemed to slow the work rate for the rest of the home team, even though this lull occurred Priorians still had good control over the game.

A free just outside the attacking 25 for prior was taken quickly by Karen Campbell, was hit in perfectly to find Netty Wilson who scored another text book goal for Priorians.

Play continued and the away side were still finding spaces to get the ball up the pitch quickly.

Some confusion in their attacking circle ended up in a free been given for the second time allowing Dungannon the chance to score.

Priorians knew that another draw was not an option they just had to hold on to the final whistle, making sure the ball was cleared quickly and safely out of defence and to try to push the ball up the pitch looking for more chances on goal, as did the Dungannon side, but no more goals came leaving Priorians with another well deserved victory.

This weekend Priorians play Carrickfergus in the quarter finals of the McConnell Shield at St Columbs Park.

Priorians: Megan McCintock, Rhonda Duddy, Kristel Brown, Alex Graham, Bronagh Doherty, Claire Lightowlers, Karen Campbell, Kate Rough, Netty Wilson, Heather Manning, Demi Harper, Emma Sproule, Claire Whiteside