Darts round-up

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THIS week fixtures in the Eglinton and District Darts League sponsored by The Depot are as follows: Thursday - Rising Sun B vs Drummond Hotel; Longfield B vs Macons; Eglinton CC A vs Rising Sun A; Donaghys A vs Longfield A; The Vale vs Donaghys B; John Ts vs The Depot; Happy Landing vs Eglinton CC B and Calablanca receive the BYE.

Thursday night’s games may be affected slightly by the Premier League darts being held in The Odyssey Arena in Belfast as it can affect numbers who attend the darts in Belfast locally so it is the reponsibility of teams to rearrange their game if affected only if missing several players to reach agreement with opponents to play game soon before next round of fixtures which is 14th February.

The league cannot be stalled or affected by games not being played unless for very valid reasons if games are postponed it is up to the two captains of both teams to reach an amicable and agreed date to play the fixture and then move on to next fixture whenever that is.

The last two Saturday nights national lottery bonus ball winners was the Donaghys A team with No. 11 and they will receive £30

and Saturday night past the winners was the Depot with No. 39 and they will also receive £30.

The next monthly league meeting takes place on Monday, February 11 in the Happy Landing, Eglinton at the usual time of 8.30pm sharp and this meeting is important to be attended by all bars in the league and each team must have at least one representative.

We will make the draw for the second team cup of the season and sort out the venues. All teams will be notified before this meeting any balances that they may owe by text to the league funds and this must be paid in full at this particular without any excuses.

There will be other matters up for discussion especially recent issues with non return of scoresheets which has been a problem which has arisen since the start of the new year and there will be other matters for teams to discuss such as local competitions, league problems etc.

While last Thursday night saw the usual high standard throughout the league with it sure to continue as the season progresses.

The highest checkout of the week went to Dermott McGuinness of Donaghys A who is throwing to a super standard currently locally and as a county player with a fantastic 151 checkout in a difficult away game in Macons Claudy.

This great finish is joint second for the highest checkout this season so far but if the standard keeps us surely the top checkout will be tested.

The week before the Rising Sun B player In Tony Murray Snr. checked out on a class 146 finish to prove he is a dangerous player at the oche having in the first leg narrowly missed out on a 109 checkout.

Other good checkouts came from Dominic Begley (Drummond Hotel) 129; James Bonham (Calablanca) 90; Jim Mullan (Longfield A) 86

Ryan McKinney (Donaghys B) 86; Niall Logue (Macons) 82 on bullseye; Arthur Campbell (Macons) 72, Stuart Spratt (Eglinton CC A) 70.

The least darts of the week was from Dermott McGuinness (Donaghys) with a solid 15 dart leg followed up by a 21 dart leg.

Other good legs came from Padraig O’Reilly (John Ts) 17 and 19 darts; Tony Murray Snr. (Rising Sun B) 17, 18 and 21 darts; Arthur Campbell (Macons) 18 darts; Adrian Pearson (John Ts) 19 and 21 darts; Niall Shields (Macons) 19 and 21 darts; Dominic Begley (Drummond Hotel) 20 darts; Peter Burke (Calablanca) 20 darts; Nathan Walsh (Eglinton CC B) 20 darts; Brian Harkin (21 darts); James Bonham (Calablanca) 21 darts and Jim Mullan (Longfield A) 21 darts.

There were three recorded 180 maximums from Peter Burke (Calablanca); Joe Dougherty (Drummond Hotel) and Andy Christie (Eglinton CC A).

Results Week 21: Eglinton CC B 1-5 John Ts - (Eglinton CC B) John McCreadie 100, 140; Nathan Walsh 100, 140, (20 darts); Lee Ritchie 100, 140. (John Ts) Earl Irwin 100; Adrian Pearson 2 x 100, (19 and 21 darts); Liam Millar 2 x 100; Dean McAleese 2 x 100, 120; Padraig O’Reilly 3 x 100, 121, 2 x 140, (17 and 19 darts); Sean O’Hara 120, 130.

Longfield A 4-2 Longfield B - (Longfield A) Tony Loughlin 100; Noel Pyper 100; Jim Mullan 140, 86 finish, (21 darts); Simon Mullan 100, 123; Eddie Connolly 125, 132. (Longfield B) Kevin Johnston 100; Sean O’Kane 100, 117; Sean Paul Holmes 108; Martin McCormick 100; Deane Connolly 100.

Drummond Hotel 3-3 Eglinton CC A - (Drummond Hotel) Cormac Begley 2 x 100, 135, 140; Terence Proctor 100; Dominic Begley 100, 139, 2 x 140, 129 finish; Joe Dougherty 100, 135, 180 max; Paul Fenlon 2 x 100. (Eglinton Cricket Club A) Joe O’Hara 100; Andy Christie 100, 180 max; Seamus O’Hara 3 x 100, 118, 125, 140; Stuart Spratt (Eglinton CC A) 70 finish; Mark Burley 3 x 100; Gregory Wylie 140.

Macons 4-2 Donaghys A - (Macons) Paul Hamilton 100; Arthur Campbell 100, 140; Niall Logue 100, 140; Dwayne Crossan 140; Niall Shields 2 x 100, 122, 140,(19 darts). (Donaghys A) Raymond Kilkey 100, 133; Dermott McGuinness 4 x 100, 151 finish, (15 and 21 darts); Paddy McGinnis 3 x 100, 140; Niall McGuinness 100, 111; Gerry McCormick 3 x 100.

Calablanca 4-2 Rising Sun B - (Calablanca) Peter Burke 100, 105, 180 max, (20 darts); Austin Thompson 2 x 100; Neil Black 100; James Bonham 100, 90 finish, (21 darts); Mark Thompson 2 x 100, 121, 125; Charlene Kane 2 x 125, 140. (Rising Sun B) John McKinney 111, 140; Jordan Moore 100, 121; Tony Murray (Snr) 100, 105, (17 darts); Raymond O’Hara 125; Nigel Moore 3 x 100.

All teams are reminded it is the home teams responsibilty to return score sheets marked correctly and clearly by the latest Sunday of each week to the League Chairman and non return of scoresheets or late scoresheets will no longer be accepted.