Kris Lindsay: Institute stand between Dungannon Swifts boss and ‘next step’ of first league win

Dungannon Swifts boss Kris Lindsay. Pic by INPHO.
Dungannon Swifts boss Kris Lindsay. Pic by INPHO.

After weeks of measuring progress off minor gains, Dungannon Swifts boss Kris Lindsay is pushing towards that major goal of a first league win.

“Results aside, we take great confidence from the improvement in performances as the weeks have gone on, with players learning how we want them to work and the ideas starting to fall into place on the pitch,” said Lindsay, who replaced Rodney McAree in September. “That is encouraging of course and movement in the right direction, with us now off the bottom on goal difference.

Institute manager Paddy McLaughlin.

Institute manager Paddy McLaughlin.

“But this remains a results business and it is time to get over the line and turn that improvement into a first league win.

“That is the next step for the squad to take on top of the progress made so far.

“In certain games we have been slow to get going but know our best chance of picking up a win is to get on the frontfoot from the start.

“The goal is to prove more clinical and add that finishing touch to the fact the players have embraced those individual roles and how everything is connected to the team’s overall play.

“We cannot continue to give the opposition that head start and our challenge is to not only put everything together but to do so over the course of a full fixture.”

Institute manager Paddy McLaughlin has praised his physio, Ruairi Lynch, as key to providing increased options.

“For the first time in almost a month we have almost a full deck of cards, which is good and all credit to ‘Lyncher’ because he has been top-drawer for us,” said McLaughlin. “Ruairi has been top class, he really has been flat to the mat for us these last few weeks.

“Kris a top man and a top coach, I done a few coaching sessions with him when I was doing my badges and he was very good.

“When things start to settle down, I’m sure Kris will get things right.

“We played Dungannon earlier in the season and they played some good football, I’m sure Kris will want to do the same but add his own stamp to it and over time he’ll make his own mark.”