Institute: Logue attracting attention from MLS club

Niall Logue had a fantastic season with Yavapai College.
Niall Logue had a fantastic season with Yavapai College.

Former Institute man Niall Logue could be rubbing shoulders with an ex-Liverpool and Spurs striker Robbie Keane soon in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

The teenager played a starring role for his university Yavapai College this season.

They went unbeaten throughout their NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) campaign and narrowly missed out on a place in the National Finals.

His and the side’s form has meant a few bigger universities have been in contact with Yavapai as well as MLS side San Jose Earthquakes.

“My coach has been telling me that there has been a few D1 Universities who have made enquires about me, but he has told them that I’m only a freshman and there was a MLS club San Jose Earthquakes who have also enquired about me, which is positive,” he said.

“I’m thankful for that but I’m not getting carried away with anything. I’m just keeping my feet firmly on the ground, continue to work on what I have to do and make sure that I don’t start to think too far ahead.”

Logue played a major role in Yavapai’s tremendous season so much so that he was selected for the Men’s Division One All-America Soccer Team of the year and he collected their Defender of the Year title for his
age group.

“I got an All-Conference award, which means I was the best in my position throughout the conference but I was most proud of getting a First Team All-America award, which means I was the best player in my position throughout the whole of the United States at university level,” he said.

“Our team broke all kind of records this year; in the conference we had the most clean-sheets in the league’s history and we scored the most goals ever and a few other awards.

“We also went throughout the Conference campaign undefeated but lost after extra-time to our main rivals Phoenix College, in the Region 1, Division 1 playoff semi-final. That loss was tough to take as the National Championship final this year was being staged at our College.”

The 19-year-old still keeps an eye on how things are going on at Drumahoe and he hopes to get to the Riverside Stadium to see Stute in action before he heads back to America next month.

“I was texting Paul Kee during the season and keeping an eye on Facebook and the internet seeing how well they have been getting on,” he said.

“Although I might be in Arizona I have always been keeping up to date with how things are going, seeing what players they have signed, what young players have got into the first team and hopefully I’ll get out to one of their home games now when I’m

The Gobnascale man, who is back home with his family and friends for Christmas doesn’t go back to the USA until early January, admits he’s really enjoying life States side.

“I love every minute of being in Arizona and I have just embraced the culture. I have also got into a routine of going to school, then training and then back to do your studies so that you have free time to socialize,” he added.

“I’m in Yavapai for two years, which is a junior college and then after that I’ll move to a D1 University for another two years to finish my degree, which I’m now know what I’m doing. “I went over to Yavapai not really knowing what I wanted to do, but since I have got to America and I have settled in, I now do stuff working with child development and hopefully I can carry that on and hopefully work with them in a sports industry as well.”