Foyle Flyers FC opens

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FOYLE Flyers Powerchair Football Club opens its door for the first time on Saturday.

The club welcomes any Power Wheelchair user over the age of 7 and will be held in Templemore Sports Complex.

Entry to this Powerchair Football Club is free and the training session will start at 12pm and end at 1.30pm, but early arrival is advised.

The sessions will be taken by qualified IFA/UEFA coaches and are designed to develop skills and mobility whilst playing Powerchair Football. Small sided games will also be planned, so those taking part can put the skills they have learned into practice.

Foyle Flyers Powerchair FC has been organised by the Irish FA’s Disability Football Department with support from the Football for All campaign. After some research was carried out, the Disability Football Department came to the conclusion that there was a lack of support for this team sport in the North West area and hence the Foyle Flyers FC was established.

Alan Crooks, Irish FA Development Manager for Disability Football, shared his excitement about the new club: “At the moment there is only one Powerchair team in Northern Ireland, the Trailblazers. After doing our research, we discovered there was a lack of opportunity for those interested in this team sport and also a lack of competitive opportunities. With the Foyle Flyers launching as another Powerchair Football Club this gives a greater chance for people to get involved and gives more competitive opportunities for each club. They can arrange matches against each other to further develop their skills and experiences.

“Once Foyle Flyers has opened its door, we hope that in due course as the club develops it can be entered into the Association of Irish Power Chair League. The Trailblazers play in this League and are currently in second position.”

If you would like to find out more about Powerchair Football or register for the Foyle Flyers Football Club, please contact Alan Crooks on (90) 669 559 or e-mail