D&D Youth fixtures

THE next D&D Youth meeting, takes place at Pilots Row, on Tuesday. All teams should bring the names of managers who wish to do the level one coaching badge.

Friday, 4th May 2012, 2:49 pm

While next week’s games are as follows (mid-week matches KO at 6.30pm and weekend matches KO at 11am): Monday, May 7 U16 League: Sion V Ballymoor (Sion), Eglinton v Culmore (St Canices); Trojans Colts v Newbuildings (Prehen 5). U13 League: Newbuildings v Sion (Newbuildings). U13 Cup Q/F: Top of the Hill v Culmore (St Brecans).

Tuesday 8th May: U11 Cup Q/F: Sion v Oxford (Sion); Tristar v Culmore (Barra). U13 League: Don Bosco’s v Trojans (Prehen 2); Brooklyn v Foyle Harps (D/F 2). U16 Cup S/F: TOTHC v Oxford (Central); Trojans v Tristar (Oakland).

Wednesday 9th May: U12 League: Foyle Harps v Tristar (Leafair); Don Bosco’s v Eglinton (St Columbs 2); Trojans v Brightstars (St Columbs 3); TOTHC v Oxford (St Brecans); Sion v Culmore (Sion).

Thursday, May 10 - U11 Cup Q/F - Eglinton v Brightstars (St Canices). U11 League: Trojans v Don Bosco’s (Oakland); Ballymoor v Oxford Colts (D/F2). U14 League: Brooklyn v Eglinton (Central); TOTHC V Culmore (Lisnagelvin 1).

Saturday, May 12 - U13 League - Trojans v Tristar (Oakland); Brooklyn v Newbuildings (Prehen 2); Foyle Harps v Culmore (D/F 2); Sion v TOTHC (Sion).

Derry & District Mini soccer school of excellence at Magee: Saturday, May 5 - U10s - 10am: KNC v Newbuildings; Trojans v Trojans Colts. 10.30am: KNC v Trojans; Newbuildings v Trojans. 11am: Ballymoor v Eglinton; Strathfoyle v TOTHC. 11.30am: Ballymoor v Strathfoyle; Eglinton v TOTHC. 12noon: Culmore v Killea Nixons Corner; Oxford v Sion Swifts. 12.30pm Culmore v Oxford; Killea Nixons Corner v Sion Swifts.

Sunday, May 6 - U7 - 10am: Tristar Colt’s v Oxford; FC Corinthians v TOTHC; Killea Nixons Corner v Trojans. 10.30am: Tristar Colts v Killea Nixons Corner; FC Corinthians v Oxford; TOTHC v Trojans.

U8 - 11am: Ballymoor v Oxford; Brightstars v Tristar; TOTHC v Oxford Colts. 11.30am: Oxford v Brightstars; TOTHC v Tristar; Ballymoor v Oxford Colts.

U9 - 12pm: Ballymoor v Killea Nixons Corner; F.C Corinthians v Trojans; Foyle Harps v Oxford; Top of the Hill v Tristar. 12.30pm: Ballymoor v Trojans; Killea Nixons Corner v F.C Corinthians; Top of the Hill v Foyle Harps; Tristar v Oxford.

Monday, May 7 - U10s - 6pm: Clooney Soccer School v Don Boscos; Oxford Colts v Tristar. 6.30pm: Clooney Soccer School v Tristar; Don Bosco’s v Oxford Colts.