Bosses split over big decision

Aaron Jarvis sets up an attacking move for Institute during Saturday's match against Dungannon Swifts. DER3618-104KM
Aaron Jarvis sets up an attacking move for Institute during Saturday's match against Dungannon Swifts. DER3618-104KM

Institute manager Paddy McLaughlin and Dungannon Swifts boss Rodney McAree had different opinions over the visitors’ penalty claim on Saturday.

Deep into stoppage time, Swifts substitute Marcio Soares looked as though he was brought down in the area by a back-tracking Dean Curry, but referee Steven Gregg strangely awarded a goal-kick, much to the ’Stute centre-back’s relief.

“Well your heart is in your mouth whenever someone goes to ground inside the box, especially so late on, but I think the referee has called it right,” stated McLaughlin, who was happy enough with the draw.

“I think the big man took a tumble off his own feet, rather than a tackle and the referee was 100 per cent right with his decision.

“I think a draw was a fair result. Both sides cancelled each other out and I don’t think either goalkeeper had a save to make. That tells its own story about how strong both sides defended and shut each other out of the game.

“We probably had the better chances, in fact how ‘Browner’ (Gareth Brown) didn’t score in the first half I don’t know. It was well worked down the right hand side, it was good link-up play and Michael (McCrudden) has smashed a great ball across the box and we were just hoping ‘Browner’ was going to get a toe on to it or something, but the defender has done really well and held him off and it could have gone anywhere, but unfortunately for us it trickled out.

“You make substitutes, you hope they make an impact and change the way the game’s going and we made the changes because I felt Dungannon were the superior side in the first half but when Harks (Aaron Harkin) and Callum (Moorehead) in particular came on they definitely changed that.

“They got us to get a foot on the ball and got us playing a wee bit higher up the pitch and created a couple of half-chances but there’s going to be good days and bad days, so we’ll take a point and move on.”

As for Swifts boss McAree, he was disappointed they didn’t get the spot-kick late-on.

“I just seen no reason why else Marcio goes down,” insisted McAree.

“He’s beat the final defender, he’s used his pace very well and gotten the opposite side of him so there’s no reason to go down.

“He’s an honest, big boy, so there has been a clip, and providing it’s inside the 18-yard box, then it’s a penalty kick.

“Listen, referee are there to make a decision and what I will say is that the refereeing today frustrated me.

“There was too many times the game was stopped and slowed down and the game was killed, because he wanted to bring two players together and talk to them for 30 or 40 seconds, then we had to shake hands and then we got on with the game and I just felt it killed the flow of the game slightly

“Apart from the decision for the penalty kick, I felt a lot of his decisions were correct and it was just the fact that the game was slowed down.”