Eglinton's Corin is 'King' of the world

ONCE again Londonderry has another world champion - this time in the sport of Surf Kayak.

Eglinton teenager Corin King secured a Junior IC (International Class) World title at the recent championships, which took place in Portugal and he also had a second place in the Junior HP (High Performance) section.

The St Columb's College student said he was over the moon after lifting the accolade during last week's Ocean Spirit competition, which took place in Santa Cruz.

"Whenever I knew I won the world title, I can remember one of my mates coming down and throwing me back in the water, to help me celebrate, which was great," he said.

The teenager, whose younger brother Jake also performed at the World Championships, now heads with the Irish squad to Switzerland for the Freestyle Kayaking World Championships, which takes place in Thun from August 31 until September 6, and another top finish is possibly on the cards.

"I'm looking forward to the World Freestyle competition; it's different from the surf, because whenever you go into a feature you do moves like front flips, bar roles and other stuff.

"Although I haven't been doing much in the freestyle discipline this year, I'm still alright at it," admitted the modest number two ranked Irish free-style kayaker.

The 17-year-old, who has been enjoying the sport for over a decade, admits he has only really started to get more and more into it since 2004.

"I have been into kayaking for about five years and surf kayaking for around four years, but my first real memory of kayaking happened whenever I was in Primary 5 and we went to a summer camp and since I came back from that I have always wanted to do more and more kayaking, then I started to get my younger brother Jake into it also.

"Then we started to go to Foyle Paddlers for around a year or two although I have stopped going, I still practice, so to speak, with my friends and the Northern Ireland surf kayaking team."

Whenever the next Surf Kayak World Championships comes around in a few years' time, King will have moved out of the junior section and moved up to the senior ranks, something which is already exciting him.

"Now that I'm out of the junior's my plan is to be competing in the world championships again in two years' time, but at the senior level - and hopefully I can do well against the men.

"This year the Northern Ireland squad finished third in Portugal, so I know that I'll be training with and competing against some of the best surf kayakers in the world."