CRICKET: NWCU Special General Meeting

George Brolly.
George Brolly.

The North West Cricket Union have called a Special General Meeting to be held tomorrow night at Brigade Cricket Club, starting at 8pm sharp.

The main piece of business on the agenda is to discuss a proposed change to the existing 15-day rule for replays, in light of the recent terrible weather and the worrying fixtures backlog.

General Secretary George Brolly has confirmed that a temporary amendment to the rule will be put before tomorrow evening’s meeting.

“Our proposal will be to extend the time available for replays from 15 to 29 days from now until the end of the season,” he said.

“If there are any counter proposals, these must be e-mailed to me in advance of the meeting otherwise they will not be considered.

“It is important that every club is represented at this meeting and we would ask clubs to advise the Union in advance of who will be representing them on the night.

“The meeting should last for no more than 30 minutes as no other business will be discussed,” he concluded.