'Your Future Is Local'

FOYLE Learning Community (FLC) has announced details of an event for year 13 pupils and parents, April 23rd at the University of Ulster Magee campus. Entitled 'Your Future is Local', the forum will highlight the importance of home grown entrepreneurs in areas connected to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and creative industries.

The event will help young people and their parents understand the nature of future economic development in Londonderry and encourage the development of entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills in our young people.

FLC is working in partnership with local organisations such as Ilex, Derry City Council, community groups and the business community to help sustain the economic activity that currently exists and to play its part in shaping the economic strategic direction of the city. ‘Your Future is Local’ is being organised in conjunction with Ilex, Derry City Council and the University of Ulster with the support of WELB.

Jack Mc Cauley, Principal of St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s College, Claudy, a specialist school in Enterprise and Business, said: “We are very aware of the need for all stakeholders in the city to work together to create a brighter, better future for our young people. We also believe that we have a responsibility to give our young people hope for the future and market our city as a good place for them to stay or come back to in the future, to live and work.”

Chairman of Ilex, Sir Roy McNulty welcomed the event saying: “I congratulate Foyle Learning Community for organising this event. It is important that the local community understands the need for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills for future economic growth in Derry-Londonderry.”

A special event will be held for year 13 pupils in the afternoon to give them the opportunity of meeting local entrepreneurs, employers and Higher Education providers. It will also help them understand the type of skills and qualifications that employers and budding entrepreneurs need.

Professor Deirdre Heenan, Acting Provost of UU Magee and Dean of Academic Development said: “We need to work in partnership to ensure that young people have access to information about future study or career opportunities locally with an emphasis on STEM courses and careers. This event will provide an opportunity to showcase the excellent provision and facilities in higher education available at the Magee campus.”

The civic event will commence at 10.30 and parents are invited to attend.

For further information contact: Rosa Mc Laughlin, Inter Schools Liaison Manager, Foyle Learning Community, 075 25159546, rosamclaughlin@hotmail.com