Worldwide support for Bella the Boxer

Staff at the Rainbow Rehoming Centre in Eglinton have spoken of their disbelief after a purebred boxer dog was found down a hole in drain.

The dog, a female, was found in an extremely poor condition and when taken to the vet was found to be blind, with one eye ulcerated, and had other health issues. It was apparent she had been malnourished.

Thankfully, Bella is now safe, warm and cosy in a volunteer foster home.

Bella’s story illustrates the power of social media. In just one day her story reached 450,000 people and comments came in from all around the world. Rainbow staff said they were overwhelmed by the compassion shown for Bella. In one day their Facebook page received over 1000 extra ‘likes’ and it was the most busy day ever answering messages and enquires.

“We would like to thank everyone who sent messages of concern and well wishes for her and to everyone who donated to Bella. She has touched the hearts of many including our own,” said Helen Davies, founder of Rainbow Rehoming Centre.

In the hours after Bella’s discovery staff at the centre set up an appeal to help the emaciated dog.

Londonderry Sentinel readers who want to help her can log on to Rainbow Rehoming’s website and donate there or use the PayPal button at the top of the charity’s Facebook page. Alternatively, text ‘RAIN12’ followed by £5 (or £10) to 70070.

Bella was rescued after Rainbow Rehoming received a call from a concerned member of the public, said Ms Davies.

“His daughter had been out playing and that heard a dog crying down a hole. He discovered elderly boxer had been dumped down a hole and covered over with planks for wood and bricks,” she said.

Rainbow staff who responded to the emergency, described what they discovered as “disgusting”.

“We are shocked and horrified that a person in our society would do to such a thing on an elderly blind boxer, or to any animal,” she said.

Ms Davies and her staff have thanked the Bideau family for taking great care of Bella and for making the call for help.