World’s top comic artists bound for Londonderry

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Some of the UK and Ireland’s leading comic artists and writers will touch down in Londonderry this month for the first ever ComicCity Festival.

The two-day festival, which is being run in partnership with CultureTech, the Millennium Forum and the Nerve Centre, will celebrate comics, illustration and the creative arts.

The festival is free to enter and will be held in the Millennium Forum venue in Londonderry on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September, and will showcase some of the world’s best creative talent, including some of the comic industry’s top writers and artists.

These special guests, exhibitors and dealers will be in attendance throughout the weekend and there will also be a full programme of talks, workshops and activities.

In addition, comic fans will also have the opportunity to attend Invasion Derry, which will be running alongside ComicCity.

This event is being hosted by The Emerald Garrison, Ireland’s premier costuming club, who will be bringing their hugely popular Star Wars show ‘Invasion Derry’ to the city for the first time, featuring interactive sets, props, replicas and over 40 costumed characters!

(please note: there is a cover charge for the Invasion Derry event).

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ComicCity Guests confirmed so far include: JORDIE BELLAIRE Eisner Award winning Colourist/Artist: Injection, Moon Knight, Magneto, Hawkeye;

DECLAN SHALVEY Artist: Injection, Moon Knight, Deadpool, Groot, Thunderbolts; MARC LAMING Artist: Planet Hulk, Fantastic Four, All New Invaders, Kings Watch; JOHN MCCREA Artist: Deadpool, Batman, Judge Dredd, Mythic, Section Eight; DAVE HENDRICK Writer/Journalist: Granuaile, Queen Of Storms, The Symptoms; JOHN ALLISON Artist/Writer: Bad Machinery, Giant Days, Scary Go Round; PJ HOLDEN Artist: Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Robocop/Terminator, Numbercruncher, Gunsuits; MAURA MCHUGH Writer: Witchfinder: Mysteries of Unland, Róisín Dubh, Jennifer Wilde; STEPHEN MOONEY

Artist/Writer: Grayson, Half Past Danger, CSI, Angel, A-Team; MICHAEL CARROLL Writer: Judge Dredd, Jennifer Blood, New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy, Double-Crossing; RUTH REDMOND Colourist/Artist: Storm, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool, New Warriors; RYAN BROWN Artist/Digital Painter: Judge Dredd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, V Wars; STEPHEN DOWNEY Artist: Torchwood, Turok, How to Train your Dragon, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Jennifer Blood, Noe; PAUL BOLGER Artist/Writer/Animator/Director: Hound, The Pirates!, Arthur Christmas, Land Before Time, All Dogs Go To Heaven; PHILIP BARRETT Artist/Writer/Designer/Educator: Blackshapes, Matter, Where’s Larry, Stray Lines, RTE, Irish Times; SARAH BOWIE Artist/Writer:The Comics Lab, Mall Life, A Clock or a Crown, O’Brien Press; DEBBIE JENKINSON Artist/Writer/Designer:The Comics Lab, Remorse, Stray Lines; LIGHTNING STRIKE One of Ireland’s leading independent publishers; NATHAN STOCKMAN Artist: Reyn, I Love Trouble, Anti-Hero; MARTIN HAYES Writer: Abominable Glory, Project Luna: 1947, Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste; JOE CAMPBELL Artist/Writer: Invisible Man, Amelia Earhart, Columba’s Cross; DAVY FRANCIS Artist/Writer: Oink, Spare Rib, paradox Press, Fantagraphics Books, Red Dwarf Smegazine, Brain Damage, Ut, Gas, Electric Soup, Hoof Hearted; THE PUBCAST Award Winning Irish Geek Podcast