Woman rang castle to speak to Queen

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A woman who refused the offer of legal advice from a solicitor when she appeared at Londonderry Magistrate’s Court on Friday, keeps ringing Windsor Castle, asking to speak to the Queen.

The revelation was made by a police constable who said that Mona Sharma (42) of Victoria Gate, who is facing a number of charges dating back to 2012, had declined to be represented by a member of the legal profession.

He revealed that Sharma had severe mental issues and keeps ringing Windsor Castle and asking to speak to the Queen of England personally.

District Judge Bonita Boyd told Ms Sharma that she was before the court on a Bench Warrant and asked her if she had instructed a solicitor, advising her that she may qualify for Legal Aid.

Ms Sharma replied: “All you see is me.”

After agreeing to speak with a solicitor, the case was adjourned for a short time.

However, when Ms Sharma appeared again, she had no solicitor.

Judge Boyd told the 42- years-old that there were five charges before the court stemming from alleged offences committed in the summer of 2012.

Sharma is charged that on July 17th she drove while disqualified; drove with no insurance and was disorderly.

She is further charged that on May 21st she failed to produce her driving licence and on June 20th, she fraudulently used a licence.

Informing the court that she understood the charges Sharma said: “As far as I was aware, all of those charges were dropped as presently I have a clean licence.”

Judge Boyd said that the charges have lain for a number of years and have not been dealt with.

“We can deal with these charges today or we can have an adjournment,” she told the defendant.

Police made no objection to bail and Sharma was released on her own bail of £250 and is due to appear again at Derry Magistrate’s court on July 28 next.