Woman accused of 182 hoax calls is granted bail

A Londonderry woman accused of making nearly 200 false emergency calls is banned from any further non-urgent contact with authorities on either side of the Irish border, a High Court judge ordered today.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 7:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 7:45 pm

The prohibition was imposed on Philomena Curran, 38, as she was granted bail amid allegations of repeatedly phoning to claim she was suicidal.

Prosecutors said when police arrived at her home she would then laugh and joke with officers.

Curran, or Glenabbey Court in the city, is charged with wasting police time by false reports on dates earlier this month.

She allegedly contacted gardai in the Irish Republic and a call centre for people in assisted living accommodation.

Crown lawyer Conor Maguire claimed on one occasion officers who went to her home found her lying on a sofa.

She confirmed that she had no intention of killing herself and did not want any medical assistance, the court heard.

Mr Maguire added: “She was noted to be laughing and joking with officers.”

After detailing further alleged incidents, the barrister disclosed: “In total there have been 182 calls to the emergency services since 2015.

They included 41 999 calls in 2017, and dozens more alleged hoax contacts.

Granting bail, Lord Justice Treacy stressed the need to ensure Curran receives any care needed to address her underlying issues.

He agreed to impose a ban on her contacting the Garda, PSNI, Ambulance Service and Foyle Search and Rescue.

The order is to apply “across the board”, with contact only permitted in circumstances of a genuine emergency.