‘Wileman’s’ exploration of record industry versus the artist to run at Playhouse

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Londonderry playwright Eaman Craig’s exploration of the “modern music industry” versus “the conflicted mind of the artist” will be performed at the Playhouse this weekend.

EXiT, written by the ex-rapper, formerly known as ‘Wileman,’ and directed by Matt Jennings, centres around a previously successful singer in a band who is being given the opportunity to break into the mainstream again as a solo artist via a huge record label.

The singer struggles with the lack of identity this brings and the power that he hands over to his new employers in terms of creating music with meaning in an industry that is increasingly vacuous.

As a rapper Eaman was in talks about a recording contract but it fell apart when the requests of the label did not resonate well with him and he felt conflicted as to which way to turn. A few years later, he wrote EXiT.

“The viewing figures for reality shows like X factor is decreasing and now is the time to maybe spark a light within the public,” Mr Craig said.

“They have an innate desire to hear music that moves them. Also, the death of David Bowie highlights the achievements of what a real artist can bring to the world”

“The previous run in 2015 was directed by Colm S.Herron, an Edinburgh Fringe promotor saw the play in its first showing in June 2015 and quickly recommended it for the Fringe. My vision is that the play could develop possibilities for change within the music community and in the listener, eventually possibly affecting everyone with a radio, tv, the internet or an iphone.”

Air Drama Theatre’s ‘EXiT’ will come to The Playhouse on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March at 8pm. Tickets are £10/ £8 and are available from The Playhouse box office on (028~071 268027 or online at www.derryplayhouse.co.uk