Whole Lotta Voltage at Waterside Theatre

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We believe that a true AC/DC tribute should be as close to the look, sound and energy as the real thing. Whole Lotta Voltage makes the audience feel that they are watching the kings of hard rock, LIVE, at their peak in 1979.

Nothing comes close to this exact recreation of the notoriously wild style show of AC/DC. So if you love AC/DC and you want to see it done properly, come and check out Whole Lotta Voltage!

Simon Jordan delivers the most accurate Bon Scott vocals you’re ever likely to hear. Christopher Cole takes the role of the SG wielding, living legend, Angus Young. The famous AC/DC rhythmic freight train is powered by Sean Quigley (Malcolm Young) Matt Burazin (Phil Rudd) and Andy Goddard (Cliff Williams).

Caution! May Contain Strobe Lighting!

Whole Lotta Voltage will be visiting The Waterside Theatre on Saturday, February 8, 2014. Ticket price is £10.00. Tickets are available online at www.watersidetheatre.com or from the Theatre Box Office on (028) 7131 4000.