Wedding snaps are a conundrum for finder

A HOUSE clearance by an Eglinton woman has unearthed two black and white wedding photographs dating back to the 1920s or 1930s.

Maura Murphy is hoping that Sentinel readers can help solve the puzzle of who the people are and maybe a bit about them, because Maura doesn’t know if they are family photographs to be treasured or if they actually belong to someone else.

“It is a shot in the dark really. These were found in a house clearance and I would just be interested to find out who is in them. I’m doing my own family history at the moment and thought it would be interesting to try and find out if I’m related to them or not. I’m hoping someone in the Eglinton, Ballykelly or Limavady area recognises a relative or can tell me anything about either picture. Just looking at the dress they seem to date from the 1920s or 1930s, and from the clothes they are wearing and the size of the photographs they seem to be society weddings,” said Maura.

“Possibly someone looking at these photographs might be saying to themselves ‘that’s my grandfather’ or something like that, and if they are not related to me then it would be good if the owners could get the photographs back if it is of their family. It could be that they do not have these photographs and they could have them or copies of them. It would be good to find out if there is someone in them that are my family connections and that I might be related.

Anyone with information on the pictures is asked to telephone 07740102541.