Weather ‘bomb’ to hit coastal area


The Met Office has issued a warning for high winds, wintry showers and storm waves to batter the coast over the next 24 to 48 hours as what has been dubbed ‘a weather bomb’ approaches the UK.

Areas in the north of the UK are expected to endure wintry showers, with a high of just 7C and a low of 0C.

Overnight into Thursday will be very windy with wintry showers, with a high of 7C once again, but the low dipping to -1C and on Friday there will be cold winds and snow for northern areas.

Some places may experience temperature dips as low as -4C.

Accompanying the high winds will be high waves, and areas of the north and particularly along the coast are being warned of storm waves as high as 60 feet battering the coast. The Coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland will bear the brunt of this waves overnight tonight and into Thursday as the icy winter winds pick up.

The storm warning comes as the Met Office warned of unsettled weather right up to Christmas, with periods of rain and strong winds along with overnight frosts.

Predictions are that the rest of December, right through into the start of 2015 will most likely stay unsettled and often windy.