Weather: More wind and rain

Storm Frank
Storm Frank

Londonderry can expect more windy and wet weather in the coming days.

Thousands of homes were left without power for a time on Tuesday night due to the punishing winds which battered the Province as Storm Frank passed by.

The county of Londonderry got off much lighter than other areas and particularly the east of the Province where the coast road was impassable in places and flights and ferry crossings were cancelled.

Electricity supplies in pockets across the Province were disrupted, but NIE engineers worked through the night restoring power supplies.

Meanwhile, Status Yellow wind and rain warnings for Londonderry will remain in effect until 3pm on Friday, as another weather front passes by.

The front is expected to bring with it another bout of strong winds and heavy rain, however, as with Storm Frank, much of the more punishing aspects of the weather front are expected in coastal areas in the south of Ireland, Western Scotland and the north east part of the Northern Irish coast.

Weather forecasters are warning that as the new front moves in there will be a period this afternoon which will consist of very strong winds coupled with a brief spell of heavy rain, hence the weather warnings are to remain in place until Friday.

Forecasters expect the front to rage for a period of about two hours.

Between now and Sunday forecasters predict the temperature during the day to range from 6C to 8C with lows of night from 0C to 5C. With the exception of today’s weather front, the wind speeds will be strongest on Friday at 24mph, dropping down to 14mph on Saturday.