Watts says reform is needed in service

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Chief Executive of the HSCB Valerie Watts says reform is necessary across the HSC system to ensure that people in Northern Ireland have access to the best possible health and social care service within the finite resources available.

Mrs Watts said: “Our key focus has been and remains on improving the health and social care outcomes for everyone in Northern Ireland.

“The work of the HSCB has made a real difference to people’s lives in the last six years and has improved many health and social care services and outcomes. I would like to pay tribute to the dedication and commitment of all of my staff.

“Like many organisations and public services, there are always opportunities to change and improve, both internally but also across our very complex health and social care system. The HSCB recently completed an internal stocktake of our commissioning processes and practices and identified opportunities within the Board and across the wider HSC to improve and simplify decision making, reduce bureaucracy, increase the focus on longer term planning, and strengthen accountability.”

The HSCB Chief Executive added: “We are fully committed to minimising any impact on staff and ensuring that we fully utilise their skills, expertise and commitment moving forward. The important work carried out by the HSCB in planning health and social care services will continue, as will our absolute focus on ensuring people in Northern Ireland have access to safe, quality and sustainable services now and into the future.”