Watersiders must ‘reverse’ schedule

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Changes to bin collection services being rolled out across Londonderry in January will affect the Waterside more than anywhere else with residents having to ‘reverse’ their current schedule.

Householders are asked to take note of changes in some areas of the city from the week commencing January 12, 2015.

These changes are being made to improve the operational effectiveness of the service and are brought about by the considerable changes and increase in housing stock over recent years.

In the week beginning on 12th of January 2015 all domestic properties in the City will receive a black bin collection with all blue bins being collected the following week i.e. week commencing the 19th of January.

The service will then operate on an alternate weekly basis thereafter. Residents are reminded to please have their bins out for collection no later than 7:30am.

These changes will have most impact in the Waterside area with residents there having to ‘reverse’ their current collection schedule.

Residents in the Waterside area of the city are advised that arrangements have been put in place so that both black and blue bin waste is to be collected from homes on the usual collection day of the week commencing Monday the 5th January.

This has been put in place so that there is a smooth transition to the new waste collection rota that comes into place the following week.

Householders are asked to note that food waste collection service will also commence from the 12th of January with weekly food waste collections taking place thereafter on the normal bin collection day.

Conor Canning, Head of Environmental Services at Derry City Council explained that stickers advising of the change of collection day will be placed on all bins across the city and that calendars, indicating the new collection service arrangements, will be circulated to all homes across the City in the coming weeks.

He explained: “Only residents living in some areas in the city will have their bin collection day changed as part of this process, it will be service as normal for the majority of people. To prevent confusion all areas will be informed by having a sticker placed on their bin providing details of the new collection day.

Conor Canning urged members of the public with any queries relating to the new system to contact the Council directly at 028 7136 5151 or via the web at www.derrycity.gov.uk/recycle

“We would encourage the public to be patient and to co-operate with us in implementing this new system. We are keen that this message be issued to the public so that they full understand the changes and with their co-operation there can be a smooth transition of the service,” he added.