Waterside mum Cheryl to star on tea-time game show

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Waterside mother-of-three, Cheryl Wannell, is on the telly this Saturday tea-time starring in Episode 5 of the fun new family game show, ‘Can’t Touch This’, which airs on the state-broadcaster at 5.25pm.

Think ‘The Krytpon Factor,’ meets ‘Gladiators,’ meets ‘Total Wipeout,’ and you’re getting close to what this brave Londonderry woman let herself in for when she signed up for the new BBC show, which is fronted by Zoe Ball and Ashley Banjo.

The health and well-being officer at the Rural Area Partnership in Derry (RAPID) told the Sentinel she tentatively applied to take part last year whilst she was still working at the Women’s Centre in Guildhall Street.

But she admits she was soon having second thoughts when she found out that she had been selected.

“I got an email when I was working at the Women’s Centre inviting applications last year and I thought, ‘sure, why not, a bit of a challenge?’

“But I couldn’t believe it when I actually got through and thought, ‘what have I got myself into?’

“I went up for the trial to Belfast and they made us to do all these press-ups and a bleep test, I mean, I’m not fit at all,” she laughed.

“I had been going to a local Swimming World and thought I’d do this as a bit of a challenge but when you take part in these trials you realise you’re not fit.

“It was good crack. When I saw the obstacle course I thought ‘Oh my God,’ but it was a great thing to take part in.”

According to the official BBC promo for Saturday’s show ‘Can’t Touch This’ is a game show where contestants get to keep any prize they get their hands on.

The catch: they have to navigate a larger-than-life assault course while also battling it out with rival contestants.

This episode features a freaky eater, a really good kisser from Antrim and a Brummie mummy.

Make sure to tune in to see how Cheryl gets on represeting the North West tomorrow afternoon at 5.25pm.