Watch: Weather causes chaos on Fountain Hill

One of the steepest hills on this island’s most undulating city was blocked to traffic for over an hour on Tuesday (January 13) as snow, sleet and slush played havoc with motorists’ traction.

Tuesday, 13th January 2015, 9:45 am
Chaos on Fountain Hill.

Police and gritters were called out to Fountain Hill - a key route connecting Top of the Hill, Irish Street and Altnagevin with Spencer Road - after vehicles skidded and ended up blocking the road.

A local worker said he arrived in the area at around 8am and the road was already blocked at that time.

Another witness said he believed the chaos resulted from two vehicles colliding in the treacherous conditions.

Chaos on Fountain Hill.

Fountain Hill’s steep gradient, which commands spectacular views of Londonderry, routinely causes problems for motorists in both fair weather and foul.

HGV drivers, for example, are often misguided down the hill by ignorant satellite navigation systems on their way to the city centre.

Vehicles of that size are not permitted to travel on the street and cannot negotiate the Spencer Road/Fountain Hill junction.

Inclement conditions, such as those experienced this morning, invariably cause problems at Fountain Hill, Moore Street and Barnewall Place.