WATCH: PSNI issue 'killer clown' warning

A so-called 'killer clown'
A so-called 'killer clown'

Police have warned pranksters who are posing as ‘killer clowns’ to terrify children that they could face arrest.

The craze for dressing in horrifying clown costumes to jump out on unsuspecting passers-by has swept through Northern Ireland in recent weeks but the PSNI is warning those thinking of staging a 'prank' to think again.

In a video posted to YouTube police emphasise that putting someone in fear amounts to common assault and that wandering around with a knife leaves you liable to be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. If you're found to be shouting or causing a disturbance it could be viewed as disorderly behaviour in a public place.

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And in a final warning, police say: "If someone dies because of your actions, you could face manslaughter charges and life in prison."

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