Watch: Labour celebrity Eddie Izzard confirms intention of running for MP at Londonderry #remain rally

Comic Eddie Izzard confirmed the exact tenor of his political ambitions at a #Remain rally in Londonderry on Friday, June 3, saying he’ll run for MP in 2020.

Mr Izzard previously indicated he intended a tilt at Westminster, Brussels or the London Mayoralty, at some stage in the future.

Speaking at a #StandUpForEurope rally in the city, he confirmed which, saying he’ll seek nomination on a Labour party ticket during the Parliamentary elections provisionally scheduled for 2020.

“In 2020 I’m going for Member of Parliament,” said Mr Izzard.

“People ask: Why? Well, I like people. I find people really interesting. I think there’s probably something wrong with me isn’t there? ‘That’s very odd.’ I don’t like extremists, they’re smelly people, but most of us are centre right, centre left. I know the politics is different here in Northern Ireland but still most of us I think tend towards live and let live, well let’s try and get on.”

Mr Izzard said he’ll first be seeking a place on the Labour party’s National Executive Commmittee (NEC) this summer.