Watch: Chilling video shows house fire flaring in seconds

In a week in which a man died and a woman was seriously injured in separate house fires in Londonderry a chilling video has been released showing how quickly an inferno can take hold.

The dangerous speed at which a blaze can engulf a home is one of many shocking findings in a new study by MORE TH>N Insurance - the direct financial services arm of RSA.

James Ward, a MORE TH>N Personal Project Manager, said: “Anybody that believes a fire takes time to spread through a house is sadly mistaken.

“A fire has the potential to envelop your entire living room or kitchen in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

“Up until now, if you hadn’t experienced a house fire first-hand you could only really comprehend its destructive force through videos or photographs.”

The insurer has also developed a new walk-in installation to get the message through to householders and tenants how quickly lives can be put at risk.

“With the smoke alarm boutique, however, we’re able to create the quite terrifying illusion that you’re witnessing the effects of a house fire with your own eyes, but without ever being in any actual danger. Hopefully it will make people realise the incredible importance of a smoke alarm and basic fire safety.”

He continued: “MORE TH>N Personal Project Managers, like myself, can help to put people’s lives back on track in the event of a fire and restore homes to their former state.

“But first and foremost is ensuring personal safety in the event of a fire breaking out. And that can be achieved with something as small and simple as a smoke alarm.”