Watch: Bombers almost blow up bypasser

Dramatic video footage of Monday’s explosion in Londonderry show that the imprecise bombers who targeted the probation board office at Crawford Square nearly blew up an innocent bypasser who had walked up the street seconds before the blast.

CCTV footage taken from the top of the street show an individual narrowly escaping death or serious injury as they made their way up Crawford Square towards Academy Road.

CCTV footage of the explosion at Crawford Square.

CCTV footage of the explosion at Crawford Square.

The bomb attack was condemned by the PSNI, politicians and church leaders.

The Director of the North West Methodist Mission Liam Milligan said: “Families with young children live in the immediate vicinity of the attack and it is extremely fortunate we are not reporting serious injury or loss of life. Our sympathy and support go to the families who had to leave their homes.”

Alderman Gary Middleton of the DUP said: “The whole city must take a stand against those who use these failed tactics to achieve their warped ends.

“It is clear that those terrorists have absolutely no regard for the life of anyone living or working in this city.”