Watch: An icy start for the animals but business as usual at the zoo

Belfast Zoo’s animals woke up in a winter wonderland at Cave Hill on Friday, January 15.

The animals have heated housing which they can retreat to in these weather conditions.

Some of the animals, such as the gentoo penguins, thrive in the snowy conditions.

Andean bears are found in the Andes mountains so ‘Spook,’ the South American currently residing in North Belfast, enjoyed exploring his new snowy surroundings.

The zoo remained open and visitors got the chance to see ‘Logan,’ the maned wolf and many other species, as they enjoyed the recent weather.

Visitors who are planning to visit the zoo over the next few days, should call 028 9077 6277 before they begin their journey for up to date opening information.

‘Chris’ and ‘Plocia’ the red pandas had a great view of snowy Belfast from their treetop home.

‘Yhetto’ the Asian elephant also in her snowy Cave Hill surroundings.