Volunteers to plant trees in Claudy park

A TEAM of newly-recruited volunteers will clear undergrowth and plant trees in Claudy Country Park over the next two days as part of a scheme to protect and enhance the rich heritage of the Faughan Valley area.

The volunteers are being called into action by the Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership and over the coming months can take part in wildlife recording, woodland management, invasive species surveys, events and wildlife clubs for children. T

raining, equipment and support will be given to any volunteers who are willing to get involved with no previous experience necessary for these assignments.

Bat, butterfly and meadow identification courses took place over the summer and now courses such as tree identification are planned for the autumn.

Mayor Kevin Campbell said: “Becoming a Faughan Valley Volunteer will not only help and protect the heritage of this area but will help others realise what a beautiful place exists so close to our city.

“It is a great opportunity to get on board and perhaps try something different, the rewards of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat will be worth the effort as this area of natural beauty must be experienced to be appreciated. As well as this experience you will be carrying out valuable work for the Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership.”

Over October 4/5 from 10am to 4pm, volunteers are invited to help clear away undergrowth and plant new trees at Claudy Country Park.

These new trees will ensure the Country Park continues to provide a haven for wildlife and an amenity for local people for years to come.

Volunteers are asked to get in touch with Annie Mullan at Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership for more information and she can guide you through the options and opportunities available.

RAPID, Derry City Council and the Woodland Trust have come together to form the Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership which aims to “create a vibrant, natural and cultural diverse landscape within the Faughan Valley that the whole community appreciates, and is engaged with, making it a sustainable landscape for living.”

Heritage Lottery Fund supports the scheme through its Landscape Partnership grant programme. For further information on the Faughan Valley Landscape Partnership please contact Annie Mullan, Community Engagement Officer. Tel: 028 7133 7498, email: annie.mullan@derrycity.gov.uk or visit www.faughanvalley.com.