Unionists united for legal ‘call-in’

Unionists in Londonderry presented a united front yesterday, Tuesday at the council offices, as they stepped up pressure for the retention of the historic name of the city.

A delegation of DUP and UUP members submitted a ‘call-in’ to the council and called for true equality of all people living in the city.

In a joint statement the elected representatives said the Londonderry DUP and UUP were united in the fight to retain the historic name of the city

“It is encouraging that so many people from right across the community have voiced their concerns against the latest attempt by Sinn Fein to isolate a section of our community.

“Today a call-in has been submitted to council as we feel that this decision was taken in haste and against previous recommendations from the equality commission.

“If Republicans and Nationalists are serious about equality and a shared future we should be celebrating our connection with London rather than trying to remove it.

“We should also be celebrating our diversity of British and Irish cultures and history which includes the historical Londonderry name after the stone masons who built our City Londonderry on the Foyle.”