Undersized pipes causing flooding in Glenowen

Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill
Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) is working on a proposal to alleviate flooding at the Glenowen estate in Londonderry, which is currently caused by undersize pipes, according to the Rivers Minister Michelle O’Neill.

She says the proposal is due imminently.

Mrs O’Neill said: “Rivers Agency staff have been pressing NI Water and their consultants for a solution to the flooding issues at this location caused by the installation of undersized pipes.

“An undertaking has now been given by NI Water that a proposal will be submitted to Rivers Agency for consideration before the middle of May 2014.”

Mrs O’Neill said that the Rivers Agency is hopeful that the NI Water proposal will provide an acceptable long term solution that will resolve the flooding issues.

“In the meantime Rivers Agency remains available to provide assistance to any future flooding emergency as required.”